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Tour de France 2018 - Nairo Quintana wins stage as Geraint Thomas extends lead


May change after account opening minimum fifty dollar balance, required, to, obtain, federally, insured, by NCUA KCBS I'm Scotla -tarian San Mateo. Were state, of, the art, virtual reality makes its. Debut we, can only do that by using these Hollywood level motion sensor capture technology KCBS news time eight forty five Victor with us they just nice bike. Ride the appearance of France Steve stage seventeen of. The tour de France the mountain top finish, to. Salary Salaam, the winner is narrow Kintana of Columbia the yellow jersey still belongs to guarantee Thomas from Wales he extends his lead to a minute. Fifty nine but the new second-place writer is Tom Duma Lana the Netherlands Chris room will faltered on the final stretch of the climb false to third and is. Now two minutes and thirty one seconds behind of. Course he's trying to win the tour de France for a fifth time less than twenty four hours after the Yankees, acquired former closer Zach Britton from Baltimore the Red Sox have responded. By acquiring starting, pitcher Nathan evolved from Tampa Bay the twenty eight year old right hander won fourteen games for the. Yankees two years ago but. Missed the next season and a half after undergoing his second Tommy John surgery, he's three and, four since, coming Back with. A four twenty six in ten starts with a raise eight walks fifty three strikeouts in fifty seven, innings in fact he. Threw six no hit innings in his. First start against the as in return the rays, get AAA starter Jalen banks from Boston he's, got one hundred seventeen strikeouts in. Eighty, seven innings Mets announced that UN assessment, is has done for the season will undergo surgery on. Both heels giants in Seattle this afternoon holiday against. Leak after a four three win last night, on. D. Gordon's, ill-conceived throw which turned out to be a throwing error with two outs in the ninth on Pablo Sandoval pinch it infield single with. Stephen Duggar at second base Gordon was playing in short right field came all the way into just shy of the infield dirt on the inside toward home plate. And had no chance to get Sandoval the first. Base but it anyway in threw the ball away and that gave the giants to win they're back to within four, and a half of the dodgers who lost a crazy game in. Philly seventy four, and sixteen they've got an early Day game, in Philadelphia after, the two teams played six hours sixteen innings ending on Trevor Plouffe. Three-run Homer off Keith Hernandez the as after scoring. Eleven unanswered runs in the final four innings too stunned. The Rangers thirteen to ten have won twenty five of thirty two now just a game and a half back of Seattle, for that second wildcard they play, the Rangers.

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Tour de France 2018 - Nairo Quintana wins stage as Geraint Thomas extends lead

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