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To a four year one hundred fifty four million dollar deal in la he's headed to the western conference for the first time in his career which puts his streak of eight consecutive nba finals on the line and the lakers do appear to have some other moves up their sleeves reports say they are still pursuing a trade with the spurs for kawhi leonard in la has also reportedly brought back and tv's caldwellpope on a one year deal and they reportedly agreed with lance stevenson and javale mcgee on one year deals elsewhere reports say aaron gordon gets a four year eighty four million dollar deal from the magic the knicks have reportedly agreed to a one year deal with mario zone yeah reports say elfriede peyton gets a one year deal from the pelicans to sunday night baseball six home runs for the yankees lifting them twenty seven two one win over the red sox in new york aaron judge kleber tornadoes kyle gass yoga all homering aaron hicks wendy three times in the wind for new york in the national league earlier matt kemp homered and drove in four to lift the dodgers by the rockies six to four braves over the cardinals six five mets beat the marlins five to read scored five in the sixth inning to beat the brewers eight to two giants nine diamondbacks six the pirates over the padre seven five dili's walked off on the nationals for three in thirteen one angela game it was the cubs beating the twins eleven ten american league mariners shut out the royals one nothing raised beat the astros three to white sox doubled up the rangers ten five tigers all over the blue jays nine one oreos eight angels to and the indians robbed the as fifteen three the biggest free agent on the.

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