Starbucks to phase out plastic straws as opposition to them grows


To sip from starbucks new straws cop i'm corwin hake with the coffee chain's global transition voters in marysville are being asked to boost their sales tax i'm frank lenzi without that extra money would be spent let's check your drive this early monday morning our aaa traffic update with kierra jordan well we don't have any crashes or stalls reported to kick off the six o'clock hour but slow going northbound i five from highway sixteen to the tacoma dome and there were also finding off and on slowing between highway eighteen and kent des moines road heading in the southbound direction that's going to be busy on southbound i five between the boeing freeway and one hundred twenty eight you're finding some more delays as your protein alderwood area after that the drive from lynnwood to seattle that's take you about twenty minutes right now now we're finding some slowing on eastbound five twelve is you're pushing the fairgrounds in puyallup no big surprise there and then we have pockets of slowing on northbound one six seven around sumner into pacific again around highway eighteen and then as you're making your way from one hundred and eightieth to four zero five northbound four zero five now finding a lot of often on slowing as you work your way between talbot and northeast forty fourth state route one six two still seeing the slowing in sumner as you make your way between pioneer and highway four ten and in snohomish southbound highway nine that's already filled in from bickford to airport way next traffic at six fourteen your seth wayne with the forecast welcome back to a new work league after a holiday week last week were all on for comfortable day today mid seventies is the clouds continue to increase is an area of low pressure comes on shore it's going to give us to about seventy five on tuesday mostly sunny on wednesday and the warmth really starts to crank up by the end of the week i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center seatac airport fifty eight degrees right now komo news time six oh six seattle will be among the first cities to see starbucks new sippy cup has the coffee chain vows to eliminate plastic straws from all stores by twenty twenty komo's corwin hake is here to tell us more starbucks today is unveiling pictures of a new straw lists lid expected to debut this fall in seattle and vancouver bc stores with it's raised spouted one end the lid has drawn comparisons to a child sippy cup but this innovation is far from childish it's part of starbucks announced effort to rid all of its stores worldwide of those ocean choking plastic straws kate melges is with greenpeace really really exciting and a great step in the right direction and we're excited to see companies that are based here in seattle like starbucks and costco follow this example and start reducing their plastic footprint on july first seattle began enforcing a ban on plastic straws and utensils across the city's food service industry cnn reports mcdonald's and a and a and w or among the food service chains beginning to switch from plastic to paper straws starbucks is the first change of say it will eliminate plastic straws from all its locations worldwide corwin hake komo news odors in marysville will decide on the new sales tax increase next month and tonight sink and learn more on how the city will spend the money the ballot measure would increase the sales tax by point one percent nine point two that's nine dollars and twenty cents for every one hundred dollars the money would be spent on a new jail and police building to information sessions are scheduled one tonight at six o'clock at city hall and then another on july eighteenth at the marysville library that's komo's frank lenzi seattle police are investigating whether a body recovered in green lake yesterday morning is that of a missing kayaker twenty year old tiga hinckley has seen since late at night on july fourth he was reported missing two days later the body recovered in the lake has not yet been identified in the investigation is ongoing man was killed in a house fire and bellevue overnight this happened in the eastgate neighborhood on one forty eighth avenue southeast near allen road crews found the mounted inside but don't know if he died in the fire or was already dead any certifier to take us an opportunity to point out fire safety working smoke detectors making sure you have an extinguisher.

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