Defending champ devours record 74 hot dogs for 11th win at Fourth of July contest


At this hour well it's a hot sticky fourth of july but that's not dampening the spirit of the people who descended on the esplanade and hatch shell including wbz's carl stevens who joins us now carl the evening is about to start at least a musical part of a girl we have a small quartet up on stage right now shortly the pops will hit the stage the red white and blue t shirts and pants the flags the smiles belong day in the hot sun it all comes down to this evening when keith lockhart will raise that baton and it'll be time for the party to start or is this man from oklahoma told me a time for the country to come together and share an experience without without bitterness or ugliness toward each other to have a birthday party together yes that's what it's all about it so we begin more than two hours of music followed by fireworks over the charles kicking off at about ten thirty tonight because that's what we do in this town and that's what we do in this country from the esplanade carl stevens wbz news radio ten thirty all right carl sounds good wbz news time eight oh one a bit earlier today people braved the extreme heat to celebrate the fourth of july by watching the turnaround of old ironsides wbz's bill marcus spoke to some of the people on hand for the event at the charlestown navy yard uss constitution providing a real treat in boston harbor for the locals and the tourists hope that the boston django shoe is from philadelphia some british ships is son andrew was going to intern on the uss new jersey deva shows like the long storied history of the us navy and it's amazing that you can go to hear tabby on the constitution beer casting young destroyer so it's astounding charlestown bill marcus wbz newsradio ten thirty the home of the statue of liberty was evacuated earlier today after a woman climbed onto the base cbs's aaron katersky reports she was part of a protest group a group called rise and resist dropped a banner that said abolish ice at the statue of liberty and that was supposed to be it then a rogue climbers scaled the statue causing all of liberty island to be a vacuum the climber was near lady liberty's rightfoot holding a shirt that said trumpcare makes us sick she was arrested that arrest followed a roughly four hour standoff with new york police well history is made once again in an annual tradition at coney island eleven time champ joey chestnut broke his own world record in the annual nathan's hot dog eating contests chestnut tells espn oh man i murdered uhhuh but i'm happy that seventy four dogs and buns in ten minutes it was initially thought chestnut at eton sixty four judges realized there was a mistake and for the fifth straight year mickey pseudo was the women's winner downing thirtyseven hotdogs wbz news time eight oh three traffic and weather together i up the subaru retailers of new england all wheel drive traffic on the threes and.

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