Crews battle Northern California wildfire as heat wave threatens


A phone number lords fatah's alex garcia in this is midday live kabc news live and local at one thirty i'm jeff whittle president trump tweeted today that he's accepted the resignation of embattled environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt who's facing more than a dozen ethics scandals correspondent sara ganim reads the president's tweets have accepted the resignation of scott pruitt as the administrator of the environmental protection agency with the agency scott has done an outstanding job and i will always be thankful to him for this the senate confirmed deputy at epa andrew wheeler in a bit of good news a young boy who was found at union station yesterday all alone has been reunited with his family according to lapd captain mark raina a metrolink train struck and fatally injured a fifty three year old homeless woman at the market street railroad crossing a new hall just before seven this morning witnesses say the woman dropped some personal items while crossing the tracks and was hit by the train while she was bending over to pick them up no one on the train was injured the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for the san fernando valley and local mountains from three o'clock tomorrow morning through six o'clock saturday night due to the high fire danger posed by gusty winds extremely high temperatures and very low humidity levels that are expected for so cal over the next two days firefighters are battling blazes and eleven western states amid are sweltering heat wave heat records are expected to be broken as triple digit temperatures says oh linda southern california even coastal communities are expected to break records over the next few days firefighters battling several fires including the county fire now nearly ninety thousand acres struggle also with resources stretched very thin in colorado the worst right now for wildfires priority one for those resources as the largest fire the spring fire eats up.

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