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To china on the lebron and and kinda disprove previous call was on that same increase two things that lebron james wants to be he wants to be the most talented man in the room when he also wants to be the smartest man in the world the most intelligent man in the row and in that regard if he goes to boston you've got danny ainge you've got a head coach and brad stevens who he can respect as smart smart individuals those are the two smartest as far as gm and coach go those are the basketball intelligent people that he could link up with and then you've got then you've got talent around him of that don't share characteristics of the seventy sixers like embiid has to be his own guy he's wearing the math that's not what lebron's about lebron doesn't have time to build the team but it also goes to boston you gotta shared his dominance because he's like 'cause they're gonna just it's gonna be news to kyri he's already had to deal with lebron already played with the brian he's already won the bronze hi rick and get half that then then then that's the team that takes down the golden state warriors you still got out horford you got guys coming off the bench you got jaylen brown i mean the team is is would be absolutely stack little one move in one signing of lebron james that it would it would completely flipped the script in in that would be your nba finals next year just like we've been able to calculate that the warriors.

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