Trump claims Saudi Arabia agreed to increase oil production


It to hear the latest news traffic and weather simply by saying hey alexa play wbz newsradio on iheart radio to men or killed in a double shooting overnight and brighten it happened in the area of fat and bracket streets wbz's bill markers spoke with residents nearby this woman says she heard a knock on her door we were woken up to the police at our door asking us if we'd heard anything apparently there was gunshots police are asking anyone who may have information to contact investigators immediately will is italy vows to close it sports to migrants for the summer more that one hundred people are feared dead after their boat capsized in the mediterranean abc's megan williams with more from rome italy's farright interior minister mateo savini said humanitarian rescue boats this summer we'll see italy only on postcards he said italy will close its ports to what he called illegal migrants he made the statement after europe reached a deal to set up migrant processing centers in europe on a voluntary basis but it's not clear what countries will host the centers or taken refugees being wild the libyan coast guard says it recovered the bodies of three children and rescued sixteen people after their boat sank about one hundred people are missing megan williams abc news rome wbz news time three forty one president trump tweeting this morning that saudi arabia has agreed need to raise oil production in order to lower prices the president suggesting that production is down because of turmoil and dysfunction in iran venezuela he's asking king solomon of saudi arabia to increase oil production up to two million barrels and says the king has agreed saudi arabia says that king solomon spoken with the president but gave no mention of the two billion barrels of extra production trump tweeted about earlier in the day wbz news time three forty one time for us to check sports if it seems like the postseason in midseason perhaps it's because the red sox playing the yankees big series in the bronx this weekend wbz's chris vomit has the latest for the ticket.

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