Trump's to meet Queen and PM and face protestors


And the wer newsroom controversial fbi agent peter struck testifying before a house committee today about the antitrump text messages exchanged between him and his girlfriend fbi lawyer lisa page during the campaign struck told page they would stop a trump presidency but he told the committee today that he and his fbi colleagues have no place for political bias in their professional lives they will not tolerate any improper behavior in me any more than i would tolerate it in them that is who we are as the fbi and the suggestion that i in some dark chamber somewhere in the fbi would somehow cast aside all of these procedures all of these safeguards and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me it's simply couldn't happen president trump has left the nato summit in brussels he is now in the the uk where he'll meet with theresa may and the queen tomorrow and where protesters are getting busy correspondent ian panel reporting from the middle of a protest in central london around the outside is called a ring a steel it's not to try and keep them away and tried to keep the president safe is not actually here right now he's gone out to dinner blenheim pilot tomorrow he's got a whole series of meetings reaching the queen is missing the prime minister these people here are just a small example of what is planned for tomorrow construction worker is dead after being hit in the head and manhattan by a falling beam it happened this afternoon in an inner courtyard at a high rise in morningside heights the building called the international house has affiliated with columbia university and houses graduate students had professors governor cuomo says the state will port nineteen million dollars into the bronx to help improve opportunities for kids komo's says the investment comes at a critical time is the bureau continues to mourn the loss of fifteen year old junior guzman felice who was brutally killed by gang members last month terrible horrendous act what should we do do thing and he says a major chunk of that nineteen million will be used to renovate roberto clemente state park and improve youth athletic facilities the city is honoring hero police officer steven mcdonald with plaque on this anniversary of his shooting mayor de blasio unveiled a plaque that reads born out of tragedy came a life of service and forgiveness came to know steven mcdonald is someone who had something to teach that we all needed to learn forgiving the teenager who shot him thirty two years ago here detective mcdonald.

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