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Exon faces separate, investigations in New, York and Massachusetts into allegations it misled investors about climate change issues and as Crowley reporting a reporter. For the Oregonian was injured. When he was, struck by a projectile during a rowdy protests between right wing activist. And self described antifascists in Portland Saturday afternoon officials in Virginia say Dan that overflowed Thursday currently a stable but. They're asking people who were evacuated the stay out of their homes, until the weather gets dry Lynchburg director of water. Resources Tim Mitchell says the thirties are keeping a close eye, on the college lake dam we wanted to get past this weather system is coming up before we. Allow, people to return to their homes but once we get past that and determine the. Dam is safe we will be out of an abundance of caution we will be providing a twenty four hour seven day week continuous monitoring of. The dam just to be sure that it's safe out of an abundance of caution again. National weather service Said a failure of the, dam could flood parts of Lynchburg with seventeen feet..

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