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Matt piper a man has died while working. One of the seventeen wildfires currently burning in California that brings the, death toll to nine throughout the state KPI, XT's Andrea Borba is covering fires in, Lake County they are making a stand planning to save the town of Lucerne but the real concern on the rain fires the fact that this is pushing east they save, jumps one more ridge headed straight for a valley of homes on. His March to believe it or not, interstate five at this point more evacuations were ordered Saturday, and the governor has asked the president for more federal aid, hurricane Hector is far from, land right now but it is packing a punch and heading toward Hawaii Jack Bevan with the National Hurricane Center at the present time it is. A category four hurricane winds of one hundred and thirty miles per hour located about fourteen hundred miles, east southeast of Hilo Hawaii Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro emerged on his. Country's national TV hours after what he called an attempt against his life and pointed blame at far right elements the BBC's lebeau Deka. Reports President Maduro is in the middle of his. Televised speech when this happened The camera shakes his. Wife looks up and.

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