Police chief: Houston serial killer suspect cut off ankle monitor


The air downward the electric, reliability council of Texas expects power consumption to break the record that was set. In August of twenty sixteen, meantime legal league city residents, are dealing, with water restrictions hottest week at the summer so far construct construction crews working on. The Gulf freeway widening project their ruptured a water main on Tuesday and residents who live south of highway. Three, now being, asked to avoid washing their vehicles or watering lawns until early on Friday and repairs done now well new technology and we've got it. All around us and it applies to the weather to now allowing scientists to look hurricanes right in. The eye a program in development uses eight low-orbit satellites to get a closer look at hurricanes Weather Channel meteorologist Mark tibido says it could prove useful When measuring how powerful. A storm will become a, hurricane intensity probably one of, the most, challenging aspects of storm we've gotten pretty good the track for the intensity is always. Tricky he adds the technology has already come a long way the computer models the satellites that we have. That, have come, out have gotten a lot better and the radars at predicting the trend ready to go up into a massive storm is going to. Stay the same it's going to get weaker the new satellite program could be fully operational next year. Coriolis on NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h Now a local police are proud. Of themselves over Tuesday's capture of a possible serial killer, the public still wants to know how convicted sex offender. Could cut off his ankle monitor and evade police, while going on a crime spree for an entire week Houston police chief Ardo DASA though had this to say we're not going to look backwards we're gonna look forward I can't say one way or the other the bottom line is. I can tell you the state of Texas there's not enough law. Enforcement officers that are focusing on parolees violating parolees. Catching those parolees hold. Them do account in this county we're going. To set the standard common detectives believe forty six year. Old Jose Rodriguez, picked his victims at random they include a woman who was shot to death insider Cyprus home over the weekend to employees as separate mattress stores and police believe that Rodriguez also shot a metro. Lift driver who is still. Recovering a guy like this end up on an ankle bracelet monitoring system to begin with got That's what you gotta wonder. Cadillac questions man convicted in the fatal shooting of a convenience store owner in San Antonio has been put to death thirty four year old Christopher young executed Tuesday..

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