Nicaraguan forces violently retake symbolic area from protesters


Eight with Joshua Johnson begins Wednesday night at eleven o'clock overnight, weather conditions for the bay area mostly cloudy with patchy. Fog at least closer to the coast. But. Look for clear skies further inland. Overnight lows in the fifties Wednesday mostly cloudy? In the morning with patchy fog then sunny through the. Day daytime highs on Wednesday for the bay area in, the seventy s to the mid eighty s the time is twelve fifty. From NPR news this is all things considered I'm Ari Shapiro Nelson Chang in Nicaragua nearly three hundred people, have been killed in violent clashes between protesters and forces loyal, to President Daniel Ortega it's gotten so bad that a few days ago pro government forces attacked a Catholic church. Student protesters had been using it as a shelter the Washington Post Josh. Partner was inside the. Church interviewing the students here's how he describes the scene, when I was there there were three seriously Wounded people inside the church and the police were blocking ambulances from getting in so for several hours these people were lying on the. Floor bleeding and pain one. One woman a medical student had been shot through the leg had broken her femur and she was just lying on the ground inside. The house. And no one could get get help to her, police knew how badly injured some people. Were inside the church and were deliberately blocking access. To medical assistance, right and the priest at the, time was on. His cell phone doing a live radio broadcast appealing for. Help describing the situation Seek permanent was talking to the government there's all these negotiations going on with the sole intent of trying to get the ambulances into the church to let the wounded be. Taken out just to take a step back I mean these protests, have been going on since April can you. Just remind us how did this all begin a so, this is frustration and anger in this country that's in building for many years. President Ortega's in his, fourth term as president over that time he has undermined. Democratic institutions and, a lot of ways the spark that set off the protests in April, was a change to the social security system that made people, pay more and receive less retirement and the revision does of elderly people protesting this and then getting beaten by police and those were seen around the country. And. People guy extremely upset and there were large marches in the, streets and when police then fired on those protests in there There's further crackdown in violence that really nothing's off you mentioned that the State Department's have been communicating with Ortega's government what have those communications been like what is the. US government, saying the US government has been calling on. The Nicaraguan government to stop using violence against protesters they have? Issued sanctions against Nicaraguan officials they have essentially said. That the use of force against against these protesters is unacceptable and that they're calling for a, democratic peaceful solution to the problem but is any of that pressure making a difference on the ground so far it hasn't it hasn't made a huge difference the president Ortega has refused to consider early elections the dialogue process between the church the protests and the business community has essentially. Been put on hold as the situation continues to passively escalate I'm, just wondering where people are seeking refuge I. Mean most of the migrants coming to the US mex- Geico border happened from Mexico El Salvador Guatemala Honduras but not from Nicaragua do you give them a. Sense that Nicaraguans are fleeing are they about. To flee, are they fleeing elsewhere besides the US what's happening Yes there are reports. That the Nicaraguans are fleeing in large numbers primarily to Costa Rica the stories that have come out so far and yeah it's possible that the, numbers of Nicaraguans traveling to the US could increase as well that hasn't been like you said. That they traditionally haven't been coming in. Large numbers or at. Least compared to the numbers. Of the, neighboring countries, but it's possible those. Numbers could increase Josh part low is a reporter for? The Washington Post thank you? Very much for joining us thank you very much The news overload we all feel can extend to the world of science our friend from the world of astrophysics Adam Frank has offered to provide some tools to help make us all, savvy consumers of science..

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