MGM sues Vegas shooting victims and survivors, sparking outrage


Oakland a Cumulus station now on. Amazon Alexa. Opened the VO, skill a matter of Mississippi hotel sues victims I'm Elliot Francis on Tuesday President Trump attempted to walk back some of the statements. He made in, Helsinki Monday about. Russia interfering in the twenty sixteen election George boat-landing reports reading prepared remarks the president said he simply misspoke when he rejected the. Intelligence communities finding of Russian meddling when he stood next of Ladimir Putin in Helsinki the president said he saw no reason why would, be, Russia, that, interfered, with, the, election Should have been I don't see any reason why would he say Russia Sort of a double negative the president also reiterated his faith, in the US. Intelligence community saying he accepts the assessment of Russian interference but. Then added it could have been other people to Jerry bowed lender washing the owner of the Mandalay bay hotel says it bears no liability in last year's. Las Vegas concert massacre and it's asking the courts to extended federal protections companies who provide anti-terrorism products. To civilians MGM resorts international facing a barrage of lawsuits over the shooting naming more than one thousand of the. Shooting victims as defendants in. Two lawsuits of its own Congressman Adam Schiff the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee says the president's statement Tuesday above misspeaking was an attempt to, try. To clean up quote the messy made Monday. Montage reports GOP lawmakers meanwhile figuring out their next step they're struggling with, how to respond to say it's. Embarrassing but I don't think that that does is sufficient Justice really the antics over the last ten days, have been damaged. Our country but Republican options are limited they're discussing a legislative. Response including possible new sanctions on Russia or a symbolic resolution expressing support for the US intelligence community Roman Catholic orders agreed to pay one million dollars to. Eight people who say they were sexually abused by priests in Massachusetts turning Michael Garabedian says the settlement with his clients in the order of Saint Augustine was decided just last month I'm Elliot Francis I believe that God, created you and he also created an abundance of organic. Fruits and vegetables to, keep you healthy hi I'm Dennis. Black naturopathic doctor and founder of Texas SuperFood over thirty, years, ago, I was diagnosed..

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