Fed's Powell: Years of strong jobs, low inflation still ahead


Reason why wouldn't why wouldn't be rushing. So. Just to repeat it I said? The word would instead. Of And the sentence should have been and I thought I would be maybe a little. Bit unclear on the transcript. Or unclear on the actual video the sentence should have been I don't see. Any reason why it wouldn't be Russia Sort of a double negative Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell today offering an, upbeat assessment of the economy telling lawmakers on Capitol Hill at the fed expects to. Keep raising interest rates gradually they said they overall outlook. For the economy is strong my colleagues on the FOMC and I expect. It with appropriate monetary policy the job market will remain strong and inflation will stay near percent near two percent, over the next several years WJR news time seven oh. To a mother and a baby babysitter have been charged after an eleven month old baby fell into a flooded basement in Detroit and drowned Twenty-six-year-old decided Jordan. And twenty old Tonja Peterson both charged with manslaughter and second degree child abuse in connection with the death of Jordan's eleven month old daughter Kamala Davis and. Estimators saying that Jordan left her daughter with, Peterson at a home in July six the baby allegedly, drowned after falling through a hole in a bedroom floor. Landing, into a basement that basement was flooded with water and sewage here on township police, are investigating, after my man was shot early this morning while driving, through the township police say Forty-one-year-old Riverview man was driving down here on river drive. When somebody fired multiple shots into his vehicle the man. Was shot while the passenger was not injured the groundbreaking for Detroit landmark. Taking place in southwest Detroit today an leaders say this'll be a symbol of US-Canadian relations for generations to come Governor Snyder was one of the local dignitaries on stage and he says the Gordie Howe international bridge is a symbol of friendship trade and prosperity between the. United States and Canada it will be for, generations for over a century being an icon of Canada, the US Antero in Michigan Windsor and Detroit being bonded. Together, to make each other better so let's build this bridge thank you so much Foundation testing for the new bridge starts this summer in, southwest, Detroit Ken Rogulski, WJR, news Ford is planning to build new parking decks and cork town the news announced last night. At a meeting held by the city of. Detroit to discuss Ford's plan for about a one point, two million square, foot campus in. Cork town anchored by the Michigan central depot residents raising concerns over traffic and obstructed views. From parking structures and losing cork towns feels cork towns feel city officials say, there is not a reason, to, worry that Ford has been very careful to want to. Be they want to add. Positive quality of life Changes to court. Down what they don't want to overwhelm what is special about Ford plans to move twenty five hundred employees to cork town in, the future Allen park police posting pictures on, its Facebook page of a baby alligator in somebody's back yard pond today the department had to call in specialists to help get, that, gator out the, baby, alligators with a wildlife specialists one of metro Detroit's best known vegan restaurants is now closing its..

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