The Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network


To focus on Asia. So late last week, I'm speaking with the guys at Neo about the impact of blockchain on Asian markets. And today I want to speak to the co founder of elf, which is the Asia based cloud computing block shirt. Network is focusing on becoming a global company. Now is a smart contract platform that will allow businesses to take full advantage of blockchain technology, and he's aiming to transform those horrendous complex business operations. That previous generations just accepted and do something about it in our immediate future. But in no familiar rambling on so book and hold until it as I beam your ears all the way to Singapore. So we can speak with Xueliang Chen the co, founder of elf. So massive, warm, welcome to the shows ruling. Can you tell the listeners a Labatt who you are and what you do? Hello? Everyone. My name is Chen. Julie. Sandy Koufax. CEO of Alf. Yes. Prior to that, I was a strategy comes out multinationals and governments of different topics. And yet slowly I moved into technology 'cause I have a generic background. That's where my passion is started with looking into various projects at in blockchain industry. Then finally met the right partner to foam to start out together. Now you all the co, founder of the issue based cloud computing block chain network, a mind to standing ease these kind of a small contract platform that would allow businesses to take full advantage of blockchain technology and also will transform complex business operations in the future. But can you tell. Exactly what it is and also what makes you guys unique from all the other solutions out there in the similar space without getting into the details. So what else is is we're in you up blockchain system and what we're providing is a high performance sister so that a we use a monkey Chint structure. Each smart contracts, we will have their own side chain so that they do not interfere with each other. And also we enable the notes to row now a cluster of computers, so that makes execution much faster and announced more complicated applications to run on top of that. So EMS show. We're really trying to make a business Ronnie on Shing wing facing and also more customizable in terms of what a we are unique is that where the first one actually enable the notes up to rob last of computers said this makes it much. Easier to scale up in terms of our computational capability at those are storage capability. And also the weight Howie introduced. A mounting structure of Jennifer is a diversity of ecosystem in how to to open up many possibilities. Held business want to run on blotch now don't if it's more full my life in IT. But before we talk about any solution, I always want to understand the exact problem before even thinking about, I think technology into the mix. So can you help listeners visualize the three problems that you see across the digital landscape, which are performance resources and segregation and also the lack of governance. So if you're looks back the evolution of blockchain. So I started as wind use case. Basically, it's bitcoin as a cross-border P2P payments eastern Mobutu towards a storage of battery right now. So that is basically just why use case then here comes the invention of smart contracts. So this. Opens up many more possibilities basically to allow a contracts to execute it your trust myths way. Yes. So you know, once the door has opened up, he basically enables us to serve meetings of customers from a business point of you ever done this list to a a our limitation which is on the performance side. So if you really believe that log chain is Gallup serve businesses for the mass adoption. We need a high performance in high speed to accommodate that. So that is the first problem that we need faster and more capable blockchain system to execute smart

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