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President Trump faces backlash after the guilty plea from his former. Lawyer Michael Cohen and the conviction. Of former campaign chief Paul Manafort President Trump might be considering pardoning Manafort in a controversial move ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. Has the details President Trump is trying to distance himself from his longtime personal attorney the man who once said he'd take. A bullet for him he's been a lawyer for me didn't do big deals at small deals not somebody that was with me that, much you, know they make it sound like I didn't live with without a my, understood Michael Kohn very well in an interview with Fox News. It comes after. Michael Cohen directly implicated President Trump saying that then candidate himself ordered, to pay hush money. To porn star stormy Daniels now the White House testing a new, line of defense did President Trump Commit a crime as the president said. We've, stated many times he did nothing wrong there no charges against him And we've commented on this extensively then why not report. Payments just because Michael Cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that. Implicates the president on, anything on Air Force. One President Trump initially denied knowing anything, about the payment. To Daniels he then, later admitted he had. Reimbursed Cohen and now this. Claim on Fox News Did. You know about the. Payments later

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