Google plans return to China search market with censored app


The army because the police called for backup he also said that the army and the police will not a hesitate to, use what he described as necessary force and the fact that the opposition has even been allowed to protest or. To even show support outside should not be seen as a sign of weakness on. The side of, the government so it is still quite tense yet but At the moment quiet calm as well President Trump has thanked the North Korean leader Kim Jong, UN for allowing the remains of American soldiers. Killed in the Korean war to be returned, Laura bicker reports from Seoul Donald Trump's tweets comes just hours after the remains of what's thought to be fifty five US servicemen killed during the Korean. War where flew into Hawaii their return was part of a pledge made by Kim Jong. T. President Trump when the two leaders met in Singapore in June. The tweet also hints at. Further contact and another meeting as Mr. Trump thanked chairman Kim for is letter and said he looked forward. To seeing him soon earlier this week US intelligence suggesting North Korea was continuing to build nuclear weapons was leaked to the media and has led to concerns that Pyongyang has no intention of giving up its weapons Mr. Trump's tweet suggests these reports have not set back the current rapprochement between the two. Countries South Korea is sending a warship, to Libya after one of its engineers was. Kidnapped along with three Philippine nationals his Asia Pacific editor Celia Hatton the four men had been working on a water project in. Western Libya when they were abducted last month they were shown in a video released, this, week pleading their governments for, help the group that sees them has. Yet to be, publicly dented, the South Korean presidential spokesman said Seoul was doing all it could secure its citizens release so it was mobilizing resources into the area shifting worship destroyer from the. Gulf of Aden where it was engaged in anti piracy operations over two Libyan waters Seoul says. It's working with the authorities in Tripoli The health ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo's has a team of. Twelve experts will arrive in Beni today to set up a mobile laboratory to help deal with the latest Bola outbreak in the north. East of Congo for. People have tested positive for the virus so far We'll news from the BBC Japanese media reports say that a prominent Japanese medical school altered test results have female applicants to restrict. The number of women students they suggest the discrimination aim to reduce the number on the assumption that many female doctors would not be able. To fulfil long hospital shifts if. They married and had children a state-owned newspaper in China has dismissed American reports that Google is planning a return to the Chinese market with a censored version of its search. Engine Robin branches in Shanghai, Google is not in China not in the way it. Is pretty much everywhere. Else there's no search engine it pulled out in two thousand ten after deciding it would not comply with China's laws that restrict. What people can see online Google does not provide translation apps here and rumors of it's designed to increase its presence who've been fueled by. Recent push into artificial intelligence it sets up. New innovation labs in Beijing now there are reports citing internal documents that the company wants to release apps providing search and the news feed both of which would adhere to china's regulations on censorship a study has suggested a link between abstinence from alcohol and middle age and developing dementia in later life the research found that those who were t. total aged fifty out of forty five percent higher risk than those who drank moderately but some doctors warn the study's results should be interpreted with a high degree of caution they said other lifestyle factors could affect the development of dementia The Canadian rap star Drake is set to release the official music video for his. Latest hit single in my feelings videos based on the track of gone viral, on social media thousands of people around the world, have attempted what's known. As the key challenge by jumping out of a moving car and. Dancing alongside, it those are the latest stories from BBC news You're listening to the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me Helena Merriman each. Week one question four expert witnesses and answer.

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