Bankrupt Brookstone to close all its mall stores


And the press I'm Ed Donahue the AP news minute first daughter Ivanka Trump says she does. Not view the news media as, the enemy of the, people White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders was asked if the press is the enemy of the. People repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks without any content. Other than, to incite, anger the media has attacked me personally unin number of occasions including your. Own network said should be harassed as a life sentence that I should be choked. She was talking about CNN Trump, administration, officials like. Homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen says President Trump's. Priority is to protect the. Upcoming midterm elections from cyber attacks our democracy itself is in the crosshairs and active shooter. Has, been reported at Wright Patterson air force base in Dayton Ohio personal personnel there have been told to shelter in place the base is. In lockdown apple has become the world's first publicly. Traded company to be valued at one trillion dollars I'm Ed Donahue The Federal Reserve's leaving its, benchmark interest rate unchanged while signaling further gradual rate hikes in the coming months ahead is long as the. Economy stays healthy the Fed's decision left the central bank's key short-term rate, at, one point seven five percent, to two percent which is the level hit in June when the fed boosted the rate for a second time this, year in June the fed projected four rate hikes this year and private economists expect the next hike to occur at the September meeting in a, brief policy statement, the fed notes a, strengthening labor market economic activity growing at a strong rate and inflation that's reached the central bank's target of two. Percent annual gains Brixton's closing all of its remaining shopping mall stores, the retailers filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection again after first filing for bankruptcy in twenty fourteen and says it will focus solely on its thirty, five airport locations, and online sales for, stone CEO says the situation in malls has been extremely challenging and the decision to close them all was difficult The amount of money owed by the, imprisoned former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick is growing, the Detroit News reports a US district judge on Wednesday, ordered Kilpatrick to pay more than five hundred fifty thousand dollars to the us. Securities and Exchange Commission raising his debts from taxes criminal cases and other matters to more than eleven and a half million the SEC said in a civil case Kilpatrick was. Part of a scheme to strong arm. A city pension fund, businessman for private flights concert, tickets and other. Perks Kilpatrick, asked in April. For the. Judgment to. Be set aside he was sentenced in two thousand thirteen to twenty eight. Years in prison for corruption during his years in office and is now. Seeking a pardon or clemency from President Trump Amazon has everything for back to school zebra lunchbox check cool, Adidas gear like t shirts shoes and backpacks check triceratops folders and pencils check laser..

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