More Women Than Ever Are Running for Congress in 2018


Deal Jennifer Kushinka in for Gordon Deal along with Rasa Kaye we know there are more women running than ever for congress this year. And while many democratic women have been fueled by the Donald. Trump era and the metoo movement the GOP contenders aren't playing up gender on the campaign trail Keat, Lynn Huey burns has written a. Piece for, real clear politics called female GOP candidate so shoe the gender card and joins us now. Caitlyn, why are female Republican candidates not focusing on gender issues for, a couple of different reasons I we have seen the surge in women candidates across, the spectrum but we've seen it even more on the democratic, side then on the Republican side and there. Are a few different reasons for that number one according to strategist and operatives and candidates themselves but I've talked to they note that there has been a along disparity between Republicans and Democrats in terms of, infrastructure here towards your crusading and helping and fundraising for women Candidates who seen that a. Lot on the democratic? Side and number one this this time around is the idea that Donald Trump and the metoo era is really. Fueling women on the democratic side and so that creates some challenges for Republican women running this cycle a, couple of candidates I talked to noted that are running on. The Republican side noted that they don't like to play the gender card as they called it they, don't like to play identity politics. As they, called it while running for congress and so some of these women candidates who could be? The, first women to represent their states and some cases in the, Senate for example have said that while they liked the idea that they could break, a barrier this way it's not really a focus of their, campaign instead they want to focus on the. Issue Caitlyn one of those women you just referenced Marsha Blackburn likely to become the Republican nominee for Senator in Tennessee is kind of issuing the gender card what is she Running on Well she is running as a top ally of. President Trump she is very close, with him has made clear that she would be an ally of his in. The Senate she has long represented Tennessee as. US congresswoman, in fact when she was elected to that post in the early, two thousand she was the first woman to go to congress from Tennessee who did not succeed her husband. In office so she has recognized that she has broken. Some barriers and she talked to me about ways in which she is encouraging women to get. Into politics but she also is very supportive of this president supportive of his policies and welcomes his endorsement and welcomes his ideas and. Her state it's very different though in Tennessee compared to other places because Trump is still very popular, in Tennessee traditional. Republican state he wanted pretty handily in two thousand sixteen candidate Like Blackburn it makes sense for her to. Run as an ally of Trump even though she's a woman candidate and some other places it's a little bit more difficult we're speaking. With Caitlin Huey burns of real clear politics in those states that aren't heavily Trump country are the, women who are. Running getting away from the Trump message at all It really depends on the district and the state so for example and in. Arizona which has never sent a, woman to the US Senate before and we'll likely, do so given that the candidates on both sides our women it's going to be really interesting to see what the Trump effect will be, Arizona is a state that the president won, by just three points at the, state that's really changing demographically towards the Democrats. And so you have the the, the women candidates on the Republican side Martha mcsally a current congresswoman who was the first female combat first female woman first woman, to fly in a combat mission and in the air, force and you have Kelli ward. Who's a physician both vying for the Republican primary and that's not until the end of August and so in a Republican primary the goal is really to endear yourself should Trump And motivate base, voters and then try to tack, a little bit more moderately during the general. Election that'll be kind of difficult, and that's Caitlin Huey burns from real clear politics This.

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