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York Hello welcome back to the thought. Show on the BBC World Service with me Beth psycho Vinson and me I'm a Bishop coming up what's the. Correlation between, the size of a man's testicles and how he sounds, plus female friendships why do some just dissolve and how can social media helps strengthen. These bonds that's coming up in a moment but first the news BBC. News with Neil newness supporters of Zimbabwe's presidential rivals are being urged to wait in. Peace for the election results appeals come after deadly streets? Crashes, involving protesters who alleged Monday's vote is being rigged President Trump has thanked, the, North Korean leader Kim. Jong for allowing the presumed. Remains of American soldiers killed in the Korean war to be returned to the United States Mr.. Trump said he had thank Mr Kim for what he called his nice letter and so do you look forward. To seeing, him soon The Congolese ex militia. Leader and former vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to find his candidacy for December's presidential elections. Mr. Banda was acquitted in June of war crimes charges at the international criminal court the health ministry in. The Democratic Republic of Congo says a team, of twelve experts will arrive in Beni today to send up a mobile laboratory to help deal with the latest outbreak in. The northeast of the country the World Health Organization has already started moving personnel and. Supplies to the area which is an active conflict zone The Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has ordered another halt in fuel and gas shipments to. Gaza he said the decision had been taken in view of what he called the continued Tara of incendiary balloons A Japanese newspaper alleges that the Tokyo Medical University altered test results of female, applicants to restrict the number of women students it's adjusted the discrimination aimed to keep the percentage to. About thirty on the basis that after qualifying any female doctors quit when they married and had children study has. Suggested a link between abstinence from alcohol in middle age and developing dementia in later life the. Researchers found that people who drink over the recommended limits are also at an increased risk BBC world news Hello you're listening to the thought show on the BBC World Service with me Beth sake offense, I'm with me I'm a Bishop coming up how does social media affect female friendships some people think. Is a blessing and others that it's a curse but why is this and could it all down to miscommunication But first how do you make statistics, more accessible we're. Used to hearing. Politicians the media quite various. Figures and percentages but are these relatable? And do they actually let us visualize the situation the more or,.

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