The Battle Over 3D-Printed Guns Continues


On John, Cooley this news the surface of John Deere agro Austin's. Mayor Steve Adler is, suggesting council ceased the. Code next process altogether the League Cup an alleged Russian hackers conversations security researcher shows more about the shadowy group of twelve Russian spies indicted by the FBI last month for targeting the two thousand sixteen US elections Austin-based defense distributed vows to fight on after a judge blocks online plans for a three d. printed gun that. Ruling coming from, a federal judge in Seattle hours before Cody Wilson of defense, distributed plan, to release, those blueprints for three d printable guns his attorney, Josh Blackman say sharing this information as a first amendment issue he tries to put some files on the internet that could be, used three d. printed guns and the federal government told them you cannot put these files on the internet even as a way to communicate with other American earlier badger blueprints was released online last week about two thousand people were able to download them that followed a five year legal. Battle in which Wilson did win the right to publish them Patrick. Osborne NewsRadio kill Jay Jay's radar weather launch five ninety. Six, I'm John Cooley get Austin news on demand at newsradiokkob He'll be j. dot com What are you? Get.

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