Aroldis Chapman, New York Yankees closer, exits game with apparent injury


Yankees gained the game on the Red Sox maybe there's, hope in New York but maybe there's, another injury or all this, Chapman left the game for. The bombers now this game went to the twelfth inning and. Look you, can't beat the the Marlins you have to go twelve. Innings to beat the Marlins and you have to have your bullpen get out of two bases loaded jams, in extra innings. This is just an embarrassing game for the New. York, Yankees but overall this Chapman comes. In in that bottom of. The twelfth. Inning walks the first batter and then? Leaves, the game after. Throwing, just six pitches You could tell that something was wrong and I. As I'm watching this game at first I'm thinking this is just typical aroldis Chapman After inactivity Because the blown saves that he's had have come after long periods. Of inactivity for, some reason the longer rest he gets. The worst he is that I next time out is controls off as. Velocities down he is a guy that actually needs to be used more in order for him to be better when Joe Madden just kept using him every single game for all. These innings that's how it. Gets better it's better stronger when he works more He's been wild and inconsistent when he has long. Layoffs so he comes into. The game walks the first battery faces Gets into a one whole I guess. To the next batter And, then boom, calls for the trainers Pain is left knee it's the knee that's. Been bothering him really all season long and now the Yankees have to hold their, breath says he goes for an evaluation Already know Sanchez though No. Aaron judge Didi gregorious their shortstop. Goes to the DO they lose their. Closer all the Shabina they have guys that can replace him You know they got Britain Robertson Quesnel you, got the save tonight pretty good. But injuries, just keep piling up And it's going to be. Harder and harder to surprise them now, there is there is one positive And if you are a team if you, are a fan of any team in the situation this is. The positive that you take from it When these players do get healthy They will be ready. To go for the stretch run if you get Sanchez and judge in all back, at one hundred percent in September Well, now you're at full strength when other teams might be a. Little banged up top August right now for all teams. In major league baseball maybe not the organized because they seem to win every night

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