WNBA Playoffs: Players to watch

The Undefeated


The WNBA playoffs have kicked off y'all, and this was a truly a historic season for women's basketball. I mean, I certainly believed the postseason will be no less exciting as we've seen in the first round of games. So guys, let's just skip to the finish line and tell me t- who you got winning at all and why? Yeah, I think that this is probably the toughest WNBA postseason that we've seen in a minute because every case, every team that's in it actually has a case for why they could win it. I've been on the sparks his bandwagon for a while because my city no longer has a team. The Detroit shock is no longer a team. So I've just been jumping back and forth. I know right, like and I was cool when they went to salsa as the Tulsa shock, because at least they kept the. Name, even though they were in a different city, but now they're the Dallas wings and I just don't feel comfortable sharing for another city like Dallas doing anything. So I just keep jumping around. Yeah, that was definitely a shy just. So I just keep jumping around and I've been on a sparks. His bandwagon for the last couple of years is I really just felt like they have been a complete team. They did win it, but now I'm really hoping to see a Connecticut Seattle. I just think that it would be the alternate number one, the autumn ease versus whether she can't get more easily. Connecticut can't get more west Seattle. So there's that then for me, there's the Yukon factor to see brianna Stewart and then super to see how that dynamic is. People here love their Connecticut sun, but they also love their Yukon huskies. So now you're actually giving the fans a little bit of a side to choose between the two. And then lastly, because our grow today, obviously she plays for the sun and she'd been missing for like family. So my dude, if you don't be missing for like fabulous rail, bring a championship. This. Nobody got time for that. I was telling someone other day that you're correct me if I'm wrong. But like this particular w NBA season just feels different than ones like years past like the regular season has been so incredibly height. It's being in a lot, a lot of well-deserved publicity. And you know now we're now we're now wanna w NBA playoffs which of course, for the past couple of years in been lit from start to finish and like in the NBA. Like what like we see in in sports just across spectrums. Like your postseason is where your, where your superstars become like

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