Florence could be costliest storm ever to hit the U.S.


Path of hurricane Florence to prepare for a massive storm associated administrator. Jeff Baird says Florence is dangerous forces is the strong storm to target the Carolinas in this part of our country. In decades, we will experience power outages, we will have infrastructure damage. There will be homes damaged. They will be debris on the roads, and Bayard says the country will not recover in just a few days. This storm is not a glancing blow. The storm's going to be a direct hit on our coast. And I want to set the expectations. Now, it is going to be a long time and a long term recovery. When we when we talk about the effects of flaws over a million, people are evacuating and rights Ville beach, North Carolina's city manager, Tim O and says they've started preparations last Friday. We knew this is a really bad storm. We are under voluntary evacuation. Al turns mandatory tomorrow at eight AM and after about eight PM nobody's gonna come on. And off the

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