Different standards for women and men in tennis?


And this we didn't get a chance or I didn't get a chance to talk about this. Serena Williams things that Serena Williams thing that happened over the weekend. The outburst at the US open, and it is driving me nuts. People on social media driving. The absolutely crazy. What has transpired at the US open. Okay. So if you weren't watching, and you don't know what happened? And. Yeah. By by the way, just to clarify we have coach Tony Sanchez coming up at six thirty by the way, six thirty. Tony Sanchez leading producer now. Now, we're not calling Tony now. So Serena Williams got three penalties. And I'm going to go over this in a second. But we have everyone on MSNBC and CNN calling racism and feminism, and it is driving me through a wall. Okay. One woman. Her name is Alina Maxwell. And she's she does show on Sirius XM, and she's been all over the TV. She says that black women have a right to be angry at how the world mistreats and dehumanizes us that has absolutely positively nothing to do with what happened to Serena Williams at the US open. I'll explain that in a second. But let me go on with this clown who was on MSNBC yesterday. She goes on to say as a black woman, if I speak up to lobby I know, I'll be perceived as hysterical or aggressive, the stereotype of the angry black woman and she's making. I'm sure that happens in other everyday life. But this has nothing to do with Serena Williams and her whole piece is about Serena Williams. Serena went on to say, this has happened to me too many times, you know, how many times men do much worse than I did. Well, Serena did threaten somebody's life linesman at the US open several years back. So Serena has a history. Let me tell you something for people that haven't done any homework has clearly this moron that was on NBC yesterday. And some of these other networks people calling racism and feminism what? Serena Williams, did let me let me just educate some of these idiots who know nothing nothing about what they're talking about. They want to make this a race issue. Okay. This unpire Ramos. He's given the same type penalties to Rothley on the Dow and Novak Djokovic in the last couple of years, in fact, Nidal about this unpire, I believe he said, quote, he is a stickler for the rules. So Serena should know that this guy has a history of being a stickler of the roles now, let's break this down real quick. And I'd love somebody to call up and call me a racist. Please do I would love to debate you on this because anyone who's speaking out about Serena acting like a buffoon. People are calling them racist number to call to five seven five three nine six the first penalty that Serena Williams got over the weekend. Was coaching her coach was giving her hand signals whether she was watching it or whether she used that is not that's not the point. The point is is that if you are coaching it is a penalty. And if you wanna make the argument that they're not consistent with it. Then blame the other empires. But this guy is consistent with it. That's all that matters. So that was the first warning. Okay. Then Serena got a point penalty for breaking her racket. A clearly clearly breaking the rules. You're not allowed to do that. So they take a point away from her. And then she calls this guy Rommel's Aligarh, and then she makes it personal with him. I thought he was going to give her another penalty right there game penalty. Then she calls him a thief. So what does he do? He does exactly the appropriate thing that you are supposed to do take some other penalty from her and that is a game. And then everyone is up in arms, and she starts crying and cotton puts up a temper tantrum, but an eight year old wouldn't even put up and then people are saying that it had to do with her race. Or it was sexism, look if you wanna make the argument that the rules should change. If you wanna make the argument that coaching should be allowed. I don't have a problem with that. But guess what the rules are in place. Now, if you wanna make the argument that you should be allowed to break your racket in the game and not get a penalty for that. I wouldn't have a problem with that. But the rules are set in place for a reason. And after she got a warning she clearly should have been able to control her emotions she wasn't able to do that. And that's the difference between what they're talking about with some of these men, and what she did what most of these men when they get a penalty they stop. She was unable to stop. And then after it drives me nuts in her press conference. And never my out about tennis J D as I am about this issue as you can tell we don't do a lot of tennis on the show. But this drives me nuts when people play the race card because she was a woman it had absolutely nothing to do with that in the press conference. Serena said, well, I'm standing up for women's rights. And I'm I'm standing up, she took no responsibility for anything. She did. It was deplorable. It was disgusting. And I would love to talk to anybody out there that disagrees with me anybody out there that think this umpire Ramos did anything wrong anybody out there thinks this was sexism anybody out there who thinks that Rama's did this because she is an African American woman. I would love to hear from you or people that agree with me as well. But you know, I there were a few people on national TV Stephen a Smith being one of them who I usually disagree with ninety nine percent of the time. But he was on my side on this one. But there's so many people out there. 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