New logo for Stitcher; new daily podcast for The Guardian



In the latest poll news, Stitcher has a new logo a bit more. Modern Habid. Boulder says the company podcasters are asked to update their listen badges visiting the partner portal and then hit promote this show. Stitcher is now also the parent brand of mid roll and air wolf. The guardian is to launch your daily flagship podcast. By the end of the year, the host has been announced as Anouchka Astana who is currently the newspapers, joint political editor. Leo Hornak is EP Bose is usually the launch sponsor, and acoss will represent the podcast pod crypt is a proposed new app for sharing money with podcasters based on how much you listen, it will use crypto currency and a progressive web app telegram group to join. If you think it's a good idea. How does the YouTube algorithm work will link to an article all about that? It's based on how long users stay watching a video. It seems digital. Discuss his podcast measurement and attribution. Dan Grainger from media agency. Oxford road says, quote, attribution has been a challenge for more than a century and will likely be a challenge a century from now. It never goes away. Nick cough from pod, suggests serial season. Three is the single biggest podcasts sponsorship deal ever. ZipRecruiter have tweeted that the show will include a show within a show. NPR will be placing fundraising support messages within aids podcasts in two thousand nineteen as an experiment and pod tracks. Top US publishers for August have been announced. Total global downloads are up forty eight percent year on year. Earlier this month, we learned that pod track measures, two point, eight percent of available podcasts

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