Moonves out at CBS after harassment allegations mount


Les Moonves says who headed the CBS corporation for fifteen years is out thirteen women now accused him of sexual harassment. CBS news correspondent Joe Rica Dunkin has more on his ouster and the financial terms just hours after the New Yorker posted an article about Leslie Moonves CBS announced the media mogul was stepping down as chairman and CEO according to financial filings as part of an agreement with CBS moon vez will not receive any immediate compensation or benefits pending the results of the independent investigation. He could receive up to one hundred twenty million dollars. He will become an unpaid adviser to CBS with an office and home security, protection and CBS has agreed to donate twenty million dollars to organizations that support the metoo movement in the most recent New Yorker article six additional women accused Moonves. Of sexual harassment or assault between the nineteen eighty s and early two thousands, the allegations ranged from forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him to exposing himself without consent and physical violence and intimidation Moonves said in a statement untrue allegations from decades ago are now being made against me that are not consistent with who. I am. You know, you hear about these things. But you don't think it's going to happen to you? Former television executive Phyllis golden Gottlieb worked with moon vez at lorrimore Tele pictures in the eighties. She says moon vez forced her to perform oral sex on him can grab my head and grabbed it and pushed it down. I mean, I knew what was happening, but it was horrendous. Her attorney Gloria Allred says Gottlieb will be interviewed by investigators from CBS moon vez who says he never misused his power to harm or hinder anyone. Join CBS in nineteen ninety-five. Julie Chen is married to moon as has stood by him. In a statement, the interim chairman and CEO, Joe Iannello said it is the people of this corporation that makes CBS what it is. In addition to moon Baz, the CBS sport continues to investigate sexual harassment allegations against sixty minutes, executive producer, Jeff Fager, and the culture at

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