Emmy Rossum leaving 'Shameless'

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Told you shameless season nine is coming back here soon. What I didn't know at that time was one of the main characters leaving EMMY Rossum who plays Fiona, Gallagher is this is her last season on the show, doesn't say how the writing are out or or what's going to happen to her character. So September ninth, when it goes back on the Showtime, we'll start that find out exactly how she's going to exit the shameless show. We know she's leaving because she wrote a huge long heartfelt goodbye message on her Facebook. I mean, nine years. These actors, typically, you know, shows usually last very long. So they're, they're typically pretty vagabond moving from show to show for be printed actors set down roots for nine years in a row is is pretty unheard of. So we will see the last of EMMY Rossum on shameless season nine.

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