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McCain is passing and how he was remembered in one. Of the most one of the warmest you listen to Joe, Biden just start there and all those. Things That he, said and all that you take away you know we've. We tend to make a politicians these heroes whether they deserve that status or not I. For me it feels like the McCain funeral like he was president on the attention. While he's the he's the anti president what's happening is that, McCain is with all due respect to John McCain great American you and I knew the bad boy. When he was a kid but he grew out of it he was really his father, grandfather Admiral than he. Basically got. Into the naval academy because of them he tried to get thrown out and he never did the young. Pictures of McCain he looks like a like a if you pardon the expression I s But we, gotta break coming up I wanna. Talk about McCain this is a very interesting thing you said it was like a president died let's discuss that on the other side of the shall do that Michael Harrison Doug Stephan. At twenty one after the hour, on this week's talk radio. Countdown show Mean voices inside your. Head you're not good enough your. Matter how hard you work you just can't. Seem to get rid of them no carbs no sugar ten thousand. Steps today, feed off of your self confidence there's no way you can fit into those jeans We'll wait wait why don't you just take Cal trying to get rid of, those voices for good what yeah for over twenty years Cal trans experts. Have helped people lose weight the. Healthy way and build their self confidence I got the Taliban. And, I got into. Pat that I had not been into. In a year and. A half and it. Also away palm Roger and being the age of fifty four my joints felt so,.

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