Brett Kavanaugh is Trump's Supreme Court nominee


Our problem townhall dot com president trump announced his nominee for the us supreme court monday died saying there is no one in the country more qualified to serve on the supreme court judge brad cavanaugh cavanaugh has impeccable credentials unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law a graduate of yale college and yale law school judge cavin currently teaches at harvard yale and george they call them the senate to quickly confirm judge cavanaugh this incredibly qualified nominee deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support the rule of law is our nation's proud heritage it is the cornerstone of our freedom is what guarantees equal justice league landless mets davor philosophy cavanaugh announced and what he is articulated in the past is one that is appearing to be original language constitutions dave or head of the christian league liberty counsel believes cavenaugh will be confirmed federal judge is allowing to california sanctuary the offs estate effect a federal judge is allowing to california laws intended to protect immigrants who are in the us illegally to stay in place us district judge john mendez has dismissed the us government's argument that the us constitution gives the federal government preeminent power to regulate immigration the trump administration argued the state of california's obstructing federal immigration enforcement in a seven page decision mendez wrote california's law limiting the sharing of information with federal agents does not directly conflict with us law i mike rossier divers have begun the third pays for the rescue of a us soccer team trapped for more than two weeks in the flooded cave and northern thailand at aim to bring out the last four boys and their coach later today more of these stories at townhall dot com this is michael medved for townhall dot com.

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