Tiger Woods plays Carnoustie practice round ahead of Open Championship


Competitor the guys will be very very good golfer he's wearing the wrong brand as far as i'm concerned he should be wearing nike instead of that under armor stuff that you can't get on sale anywhere so i i'd rather see him wearing nike because then we could wear it you can't get that on sale anywhere under armor is always autumn to alter expensive all right up next jason day the ozzie who now lives in columbus is shown glimpses this season that he's ready to go back on another run to maybe be the top player in the world what about jason day at the open championship carnoustie scotland starting thursday yeah he was kind of the hottest name in golf a couple of years ago robert he had that back situation and just doesn't seem to have been able to round back one hundred percent into form he's a neat guy though i it's one of those guys because of the accident you always like him with the interviews and all that stuff he does a lot of things right he's a guy that you've root for if he can get himself into contention all right up next we've got justin thomas he is just a few weeks removed from being ranked number one two pga tour victories this year to vanilla for me rob he's just you know one of those guys it's khaki pants and white shirt type guy you know there's there's nothing exciting about him nothing he's good he's consistent he's he's a jordy mercer he makes all the right plays all the time and he never does anything spectacular all right tiger woods this is a man who loves links golf time at carnoustie wants tying for seventh time for twelfth has major championship drought hard to believe is now a decade but this would be the best chance for his skill set to end that drought in scotland tiger woods leeann there's nothing like being able to wake up next sunday and seeing the guy with the red shirt and a black pants going out there with with a lead in having a chance to win a british open as his comeback signature it's been a year where he somewhat getting back into the mix you know he's he's in the in the conversation at least now it would be really cool to see him next weekend be among those leaders all right let's take a look at one more player them we'll come back and we'll tell you about the course in some of the other players who could be in the hunt when this thing unfold starting on thursday in scotland justin rose his scrambling and putting skills have allowed him to hang around the leaderboard you always have to think of the european native justin rose yeah you do and again that's one of those guys who this is the type of or this is the event that as he was growing up as a kid you know all of the american guys think about winning the us open or the masters but justin rose would have grown up thinking about i want to win the open championship that's ultimately where i want to be able to stake my claim as the best golfer around articulate a couple of the other favorites as far as the open championship tell you about the course and also going to go back to baseball and take a sneak peek at some of the players are going to be making up the all star game coming up on tuesday night in.

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