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Fifteen twenty percent on employment amount of people losing everything losing their ability to retire losing their home going through longterm unemployment that they may never recover from obama had to put the fire out he had to stabilize i think that what he went through was unimaginable what we also didn't imagine was that republicans in congress would refuse to cooperate on anything even in the middle of a crisis they opposed obama's decision to save the banks which started underbush they opposed obama's decision to save the american auto industry and then they oppose the recovery act so about puts this stimulus plan together any makes a third of tax cuts partly because he knows that republicans like tax cuts anything that'll get their support and right before he leaves for capitol hill to let congress know what's actually in the plan republicans put out a press release saying that they were against it and that's when we all realized that none of this shit was on the level republicans are filibustering they are insisting that not even be talked about on the senate floor reach loan to nowhere a down payment on many billions to consciously this package the largest spending package in the history of this country just doesn't get it roy top price at represent the sixth district of georgia people are saying that they're tired tired of the same old thing in washington which is spending and borrowing and spending and responsible act and it's a selfish act we had a majority in the house but in the senate we didn't have the sixty votes you need to break republican filibuster until senator arlen specter switched parties and became a democrat in april of two thousand and nine not much room to govern when you have margins that then republicans who've decided to obstruct everything and quite a few conservative democrats in the senate from deep red states despite all this obstruction obama was still able to pass the american recovery and reinvestment act of two thousand nine this was an eight hundred thirty billion dollar stimulus package.

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