Novak Djokovic wins fourth Wimbledon by beating Kevin Anderson


John strong fox on the call and the first teenager to score in the final since palay in nineteen fifty eight once again france wins the twentieth eighteen world cup beating croatia ford to novak djokovic jamait some history of his own completing his comeback by winning wimbledon for the fourth time jovovich defeated kevin anderson six two six two seven six for thirteen th career grand slam title and i since the french open back in two thousand sixteen both players were coming off grueling fiveset semifinal matches so novak what was the key coming back from injury but i had to really trust the process and i've said this before i mean you know had to trust in myself you know i think that's i owe a great great you know i'm very grateful i owe a great great thanks to to my team to everyone who has been supporting me the baseball we go all thirty teams in action today is they wrap up the first half of the season before the allstar break games in progress right right now bottom of the third inning the rangers lead the orioles four one thanks to a ronald guzman grand slam the red sox and blue jays nodded at two on the top of the third zander bogart's if that walk off grand slam for the red sox last night as i that bad today he also went deep top three the yankees now a one nothing lead on the indians after a rain delay the mets and nationals underway no score in the bottom of the i also know score between the marlins and phillies now in the top of the fourth bottom to braves amd back star scoreless arizona going for the sweep in that series and the brewers a one nothing lead on the pirates in the bottom of the second getting underway shortly the cardinals will play their first game in seven seasons without manager former manager mike but feeny at the helm the cards in action at home against the reds interim manager mike schill taking over form athenee who was fired last night the cards currently sit at forty seven and forty six third place in the nfl central and finally in doll third round the john deere classic michael kim in front at twenty to wonder i'm darwin's zuck this is jim rome five thousand dollars on the line.

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