Zazie Beetz in Talks to Join Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker'


Announced at San. Diego comic con that the released would. Give players an option to listen to the game's original soundtrack or, it's reignited music many people excited about the. Spyro game I know Steve Patterson included that he was a fan. Of, that so he'll be excited, when he comes back we'll tell them the, news and deadpool two looks like ZZ beats well she's. From deadpool two a but she is in talks to join Joaquin Phoenix. In the upcoming joker movie according to the Hollywood reporter beats is in the mix for the upcoming Todd Phillips directed. Film she'd be the only other. Cast member that. We are aware of this upcoming joker stand alone movie with Joaquin Phoenix. We're all. Pretty excited about that sounds very interesting that's what's trending Here at, mytalk and now we'll take a look at your channel five eyewitness news weather forecast for the day. We're going to have scattered thunderstorms throughout the day of the high of..

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