Fiat Chrysler board meets in light of CEO's surgery


From Fiat Chrysler WJR's Elizabeth Crenshaw explains the company's CEO is out Sergio Mark owns long run has come to an inept peac Chrysler the words at Chrysler Ferrari and see an. Age industrial were called to an urgent meeting today in Toronto Italy and later Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Mark yawns recent. Surgery and prolonged convalescence theat Chrysler announced today that he will not return to his roles at Fiat Chrysler or Ferrari. And v, the Fiat, Chrysler automobiles board of directors chose Mike Manley former head of. Jeep and Rams brand to. Take over a CEO the board will propose at its next shareholders meeting that mainly serve as the company is executive director for operational continuity, the board granted Manley all see your powers and he will assume responsibility for the North American Free trade agreement region Elizabeth. Crenshaw WJR news the Michigan civil rights commission, won't meet Monday. And traverse city Sure to be on the. Agenda a controversial opinion from state attorney general Bill Schutte that the state. Civil rights. Law does, not. Protect gay and transgender people from discrimination Schutte shed the commission overstepped its thirty. When. It determined in may that an existing ban on sex discrimination. Also covered the issues, of sexual orientation and gender identity a wind out man is due back in court, next week on charges he ran. A, criminal enterprise at a pawnshop WJR Ken Rogulski has this story twenty five year old Anthony void tunnel faces multiple charges that could send him to prison for up to twenty years boy taller was charged with using a computer to commit a crime eight counts of retail. Crime concealing stolen property and failing to record transactions he was given a two hundred fifty thousand dollar bond ten percent. And must wear a GPS tether his probable cause hearing is next Friday boy taller was already on parole for domestic. Violence, and, resisting arrest, before that he spent three years behind bars for assault with Intend to do great bodily. Harm Ken. Rogulski WJR news former basketball strengthen. Conditioning coach. At. Michigan State University is facing, up to fifteen years in prison Todd Moyer was convicted of two counts of reckless driving in a crash that killed two people on US Twenty-three in Summerfield township in July. Of last year a thirty saved Moyer was texting and using a cell phone when he crashed into his truck into a. Car carrying a woman in her five year old daughter police are investigating. The armed robbery of a teen girl in Grosse. Pointe farms thirty say the incident happened at the, intersection of Rijn Hillcrest. The fifteen year ago was riding her bike when a group of males robbed. The teen at gunpoint police say they were able to locate, the getaway car from the, description the girl provided we had the the. Victim from faraway what we call a street Shaw and and she was able to one hundred percent. Identify the person who pointed a gun. At, her police arrested five males age sixteen nineteen WGN news time three oh. Five let's check your.

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