Bayer to stop sales of birth control device tied to injuries


Katie k. a radio now is, eighty five. Degrees at three o'clock I'm rose Ryan Douglas state. Police say a red Pontiac sedan matching, the description of one belonging just seventy. Four year old Caroline Brad Hoover was found, burnt out on French, island road near Perry operas today, they are working to, confirm ownership of that car there was a body in the car. But the identity has not been confirmed Brad Hoover was last seen late, Tuesday night leaving the junction tavern star. Junction Fayette county, state police say as of. Now foul play is not suspected but has not been entirely ruled. Out seventeen people died after, a duck boat sank in a lake near Branson Missouri. Last evening KO l. RTD reporter Joe Moreno says children are among the dad we've heard so. Far ages ranging between, two and seventy years old but as of right now we are still not sure about How many are children of. The fourteen survivors seven or in the, hospital three of those people were under. The age of eighteen a severe thunderstorm hit, when the boat was, on the lake with high winds, kicking up waves as, high as five feet the coastguard and NTSB are investigating the tragedy. In Missouri is raising concerns about the safety of duck boat tourism Katie, radios Melinda Roeder has more of just. Jackie tours in, Pittsburgh says his company takes. Extra safety measures being on a relatively narrow river and so close. To the point you're never, more than two hundred fifty four Sure we keep our vessels very very, close to shore for a number of different reasons availing reason to safety Chris Diario says all just Ducky boats. Have two captains on board with plenty of life. Preservers and rans strategically placed for a quick river exit of weather should become an. Issue from station square Melinda. Roeder NewsRadio ten twenty five people are in the hospital, following an, accident this morning involving a port authority bus happened just before eight thirty when a van, allegedly ran a red light and crashed into the. Number sixteen bus, at the intersection of Sandusky street, and east general Robinson street on the north? Shore four people on the. Bus and one in the van were taken to the hospital no word on their conditions this hour also no word on any pending, charges the mystery of the missing books and. Pages from Carnegie library may have been solved and it's quite a story the district attorney's office is charging sixty. One year. Old Greg priori who was the sole archivist at the. Library's rare book room and fifty four year old John Schulman of squirrel hill who owns Caliban bookshop the. DA says that's where many of the valley Items. Were found both men. Turn themselves in, for arraignment this morning value of the stolen items were then eight million dollars they're doing court August I the maker of. A permanent contraceptive implant subject you thousands of injury reports from women and repeated, safety restrictions by regulators says it will stop selling it advice in the US bear says the safety of its assure implant. Has not changed and it will stop selling the device at the end of the year due to weak sales last year Bayer stopped selling the device in Europe more, than sixteen thousand US women are suing bear over issuer on Wall Street Hefferin Tillerson says the Dow is up. Nine points at twenty five thousand seventy three the. NASDAQ is up one point right now in sports the pirates get back into action. Tonight in Cincinnati it's a..

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