Trump inviting Putin to Washington this fall


Particular way was George Bush senior perhaps the dollar weakened on those, remarks before laser paring back some of that loss yeah absolutely we'll talk, more. About this story with job Horan from. Aviva investors where. You're going, to get the investor perspective on this story we also. Need to talk. About Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin we saw that extrordinary press conference earlier this week in. Helsinki Donald Trump inviting body me Putin once again to the White House focused through the detail there What's the upshot More controversy I guess To put it. In a short sentence Vladimir Putin has an invite. To Washington Mr. Trump announced that the dot invitation just as the US Senate was denouncing the original meeting in the fall out from that first meeting between the two leaders specifically the. Secrecy that surrounded at that to to our plus secret meeting now associate could in fact the Donald Trump's national intelligence chief told an audience. Yesterday that he doesn't know, what was, said during those talks plus. Private meeting not only that interestingly enough Dan Coats the national intell- intelligence chief he was he learned about the invite to, Putin whilst he was still on. Stage at that, same event from a journalist asking him a question about it. So I, mean, the timing of these things continues to sort of surprise everyone I think yeah I. Was watching that clip with Dan Coats being interviewed learning about this. New summit he didn't look super comfortable That's all I have, to say about that let's also talk a little bit about Brexit this morning Theresa May is expected to deliver this speech on her Brexit plans in, Northern Ireland the question is what has strategies that's right yeah she's on the second of a two day visit to Northern Ireland due to speak this morning she's expected to call for support from the for her. Plans to keep borders open based on the fact that to close them would be essentially a breach of the Good Friday agreement looks like. The basis of our sort, of argument, today passed that we're expecting. Her to reiterate the message that she's delivered before which is that a border within the UK is something that no British, Prime minister could ever except instead. She may spend, time promoting the idea of a free area a free trade. Area for, goods, but it certainly seems that she's going to be very tough on the issue of. Any any suggestion that there's A heart border, between Northern Ireland and Ireland yeah absolutely. I mean this is definitely one to watch. This issue because it is the crunch issue when it. Comes to Brexit talks we did see fresh Brexit talks between the new Brexit secretary. Dominic Robb and the the EU. Negotiator Michel. Bound, year in Brussels yesterday both of them to accelerate the pace of these talk spots the question. Is if they'll be able to with this huge issue on the Northern Ireland border still weighing on negotiation sir thank you very much indeed Richard MacAuley daybreak editor joining us live from. Hong Kong and four the needs that you need to start your day Bloomberg customers can access daybreak every.

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