Four men indicted in murder of Florida rapper XXXTentacion


Good morning a frontal boundary, just to our south at a. Lot of moisture is still. Spreads across the state we could see an isolated. Thunderstorm just about anywhere. In Kansas the, high ninety, eight tonight partly. Cloudy are low seventy two the weekend should be dry as high pressure builds, in from, the Dakotas tomorrow ninety four, s meteorologist Dan holiday now partly, cloudy seventy five degrees we have, an east wind at seven miles per hour given up on eight thirty four Stephen ten in the morning On K. N says you may or. May not know that the the film good morning. Vietnam actually based on. A on a, real character, a man who. Worked as a DJ for armed forces radio Ted Woodward the blurred this morning, to tell, us all about it right Famous when he played. Played by Robin Williams in the movie good morning Vietnam has passed away the name Adrian krone our is synonymous with one movie line Crooner our played by Robin Williams in the nineteen eighty-seven film died yesterday after a long illness he opened his armed forces radio show with that famous line and. Told me in a two thousand fourteen interview that the movie character was, loosely based on his service in the air force. In Saigon in the mid sixties if I had, done half the. Things that Robin. Did in that film I'm still being Leavenworth instead of south West Virginia there's. A lot of Hollywood exaggeration and outright imagination, but that's. Okay I don't mind he eventually went into law and later served. As an, adviser and, the Pentagon Adrian, kroner was seventy nine Tanya j powers Fox News four men are now indicted over the. Death, of an emerging, rap star investigators say rapper x x x, ten tussey on died from multiple gunshot wounds after being attacked by one or more shooters now a Broward. County Florida. Grand jury has formally charging Dietrich, Williams, Michael. Boat ride Trayvon Newsom and Robert Al Alan in his death to the accused men are in. Custody while, the, other, two, remain at, large before his murder the twenty year old was a platinum selling upcoming rapper he also. Face, plenty of backlash, over. His multiple arrests including accusations that he, severely beat his girlfriend Tom, Graham Fox News Dwayne the rock Johnson. Surprises an amputee support group hosting a screening for his, latest flicked skyscraper families are thing that matters, to, me right now In his latest film skyscraper actor and wrestler Dwayne the rock Johnson plays an action hero with a prosthetic leg the movie's star. And, its director Rawson Thurber stopped by a screening of the flick at New York university's Rusk, rehabilitation center to speak with an amputee support group Johnson delivered XBox consoles..

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