Tesla says Model 3 refunds not outpacing deposits


Federal lawsuit the man is accused of cheating about eight hundred workers out, of wages the US department, of labor alleges that employees who were required to work off the clock at the start of each shift and, o'clock out but remain at the. Car washes when business, was slow the clock is ticking on the federal tax credit for people waiting for their, tesla model threes about four hundred twenty thousand people are currently on the waiting list because tesla sales of hit a. Certain threshold the federal tax credit will be phased out at the end of the year and for people Still waiting for the base model three it'll be too late to take advantage of it Dave Sullivan with auto Pacific Inc in Santa Ana. Tells Kedah very popular but once you venture outside of California they become much more rare and I don't know if the tax credits necessarily. Helps because people that are buying a hundred thousand dollars or one hundred thirty thousand dollar model x. probably don't need it the company's. Been plagued with production delays and Sullivan says tesla is delaying production even, further on the less expensive, version of the model three Robarts your KNX ten seventy NewsRadio Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is player in recent comments, he made about holocaust denial Zuckerberg. Who is Jewish said, in an interview with Recode that Facebook posts denying that the holocaust took place would not, be removed automatically Zuckerberg said in an Email afterwards that he personally finds holocaust denial deeply offensive and he absolutely did. Not intend to defend the intent of people who deny it the remarks have sparked criticism by Groups who say Facebook has a moral and ethical obligation to not. Allow people to publicize holocaust denial On its platform a new Harvard study finds. Children of, working, mothers are just as happy later in life, as kids whose moms stay at home CBS news contributor and. New York Times correspondent Jodi, Kantor says, this should be of some comfort to moms in the workplace it's essentially saying to. Women you know it may hurt to leave your child at home when you're leaving for the workday but there's, no evidence showing that this is actually going to. Have a delirious effect on on who they become it may even help them according to the study women whose mothers worked are more likely to be. Employed and if employed are more likely to hold supervisory roles work more hours and earn higher, incomes It's ten twenty speaking of income. Let's check, your, bunny here's Frank Motech good morning Wells Fargo, back in the spotlight in the process of refunding tens.

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