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On the bus. We start by looking at how different production companies candle changes in technology. Then we celebrate production excellence with the frame. I o master's program and its first winter. We begin with Mark Harris and managing director of DP about a new survey. They just tended studying how production companies handle technological change. The result may surprise you. Next executive producer, parents symbol illustrates how technology impacts storytelling and why the more things change the more. They also stay the same. Next Emory wells, the CEO of frame. I o presents their new master series, a celebration of the best in production and announces their first recipient Mark. We've talked with Mark Toya about how he got started in production. What intrigues him about production today? And his starts on creating a compelling commercial. All this plus James Derulo with our weekly Donal news update the buzz starts now. Since the dawn of digital filmmaking. One show serves a worldwide network of media special. Uniting industry, extra production filmmaker owes Russian and content created around the plant distribution from the media capital of the world in Los Angeles, California, digital production Larry, a wonderful Thursday to you. Summer is almost over fall is looking exciting. And what is the news AAC? Heavens summer's almost over. First, this could be goodness, could be bad news for adobe users. Adobe has announced that the next fall version of creative cloud which will be released in October, maybe even IBC. Next month is going to break support for windows seven, windows eight point

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