Is Maggie McFly related to George McFly?


A science experiment gone terribly wrong. Here's what's coming up on the nice guys on business. I going to tell you when you said that like a hundred fucking comments fly through my mind is such a softball like I've so they're low. Andy walks. The bases loaded on twelve straight pitches. How can the nice guys Lael pitches that close? I, thou shall take out the holy pin, then thou shalt count to three, no, more. No less four, thou shalt not count, then count thou to expecting thou then proceed to three five is right out. Once the number three being the third number be reached. Then lavas thou the holy hand grenade of Antioch towards the nice guys on business need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now hero, you're. Host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner your fourteen percent or are we going to crap out? Do we need a quick episode. Oh, I see. They turned off the mega maze. So I've got a fourteen percent more WI fi before it dies and nuts. So it's ok, never. Okay. Joining to stop recording some reasons. Why that you need to tell me. Do we have anything private lives? Nothing. Right. Hey, look and fans. Welcome back. Welcome back by the way, whatever it is the beginning of this recording. I'm sure it's all going to be in the recording because you know what? There's nothing private between Doug and I, it's all about the fuck advanced love you guys in. We are completely transparent with you. I don't even. I can't even imagine what in my life would be so private that I cannot share it with the nice guys on business podcast. What would that be? Imagine anything so private that I couldn't share it with the three or four thousand people download every episode of this easy asked show. It's not like anybody ever held anything against me in really. I mean, never. I mean, I've, I've talked relationship stuff. I've talked health stuff. I've talked GMO things you and I have gotten in arguments. I've gotten in arguments with with ex wives. I've had my kids on the show. I mean, what? What else could possibly go wrong on this show? Well, having said that I'm going to spend the virtual meal. Yeah, I don't have the wheel because I'm not at home. Right? But I'm, I'm still in Connecticut. I know come for anybody that doesn't know anything about banking as listen to the Tuesday show. We talked about sensitively, so go back and listen. If you didn't listen, hang on. I'm looking through the topics because the tie what you just said about being transparent is one of your topics. And now I can't. I don't know on being transparent was one of the topics. I mean a happy to talk. About transparency but was topics. It was indirectly topic because it was something about your relationships. Where's that topic? Oh, yeah, yeah. Whitney. The topic was I wanted to my relationship, woes and successes. I wanted to share one men women, and that's exactly. Okay. Doug, go ahead please. It's actually actually so so JJ zan's. And created this other podcasts because struggle with tired of hearing, hearing me being the why. Why he knows bitch. Tired of it. So JJ and I while she had already had this show called, I spell the wrong actually put men, women and relationships as actually. But it is women men in relationships. Some. Sorry, I'm laughing because as you're saying that looking at the page in one note chain, you're making changes to Beijing. I wanna to make sure it's very clear what I did I corrected myself. So if you if you were curious exactly what has happened, speaking of total transparency, it's not that I don't wanna share exactly what has happened in my life, but Strickland is frankly, he's probably tired of hearing it for me and everybody that knows me because all they do is complain about how all I do is complain. So we're, we're talking about total transparency, right? Yeah, sure. Go ahead. I'm going to be totally transparent with. Okay, I am. I am far less tired of hearing about your relationship Bose. I don't want to say I find it interesting. Interesting makes them sound kind of trite and it's because your your relationship was more the trait. They're very important four before you share what you're about to share, though I wanna let you know that the next sentence that you say you're going to hurt my feelings. Well, maybe possible. Things more.

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