Ben Affleck Had Been 'Drinking Alone for Days' Before Heading Back to Rehab


This. Morning let's talk about Ben Affleck Ben Affleck according to people magazine had been drinking alone for days before heading back to rehab that he was on a downward. Spiral he was in bad. Shape he wasn't. Eating he hadn't showered and it didn't take much convincing to get him to go to. Rehab he wanted to go and he. Cooperated so that's the latest story for. People I, mean we kind of knew that he didn't put up a, fight but that was what was happening leading up to the days of. Him I just heard a story to that Warner Brothers is considering removing him or he's considering removing himself from the role of Batman because of insurance that the. Insurance on him playing that. Role would be. So high now because of his addiction struggles I mean that's been that project has been. So plagued right with him they should. Probably move on I I liked him. I didn't, dislike him as much as some people did as Batman but, maybe move on and re let that franchise settle for a little bit Well yeah I mean but let it settle or do what they, did with Spiderman they relaunched it so successfully with Tom Holland that you know Because, remember they had a blip with Andrew Garfield with Spiderman nobody liked those two movies you'll let it you let it simmer for, a couple years and then you do you do a great casting job like they did with, Tom Holland and look now when people think Spiderman. They no longer think at. Tobey Maguire which I used to they now, think of Tom Holland, they have to. Do the same, thing

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