Louis C.K. Receives Standing Ovation in Uncomfortable Return to Stand Up

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The meat you movements Lot of people exposed for their conduct Louis c. k. the very high profile comedian was. One, of those people well there's a big question here whether if, that happens to you you have a right to have a career after that and Louis c. k. took to the stage and I think he's making, the effort to? Say you know what I still have to work. And make, a living you know he. Was accused in confirmed he did some goofy things in front of which we're, not gonna get you Admits them yes and just made many women uncomfortable fellow comedians in shouldn't have happened he shouldn't have done it. But he admitted to it, and, then he disappeared and it's been nine months now well. He just popped up at New York's famed comedy cellar on Sunday night. He, did a fifteen minute set and people are like oh hey, there's Louis c. k. he'd never mentioned anything about what he's been accused of what he's basically confirmed. He is done but he reportedly got a standing, ovation and now? There are many questioning why you would give this. Guy standing, ovation and to why he. Should be allowed back in if you will some say hey you know what Man's gotta work someday what is he supposed to be a pariah. For the rest of his, life either say we just because he decided to. Come back we're supposed to say. Hey, we forgive you you can now ever career again it's. Kind of the. Current state of affairs now right, you somebody does something, bad, we, saw with the brewers player and some other major league baseball players who tweeted out some things they. Shouldn't have tweeted, out and they come back and there's. A reaction in Louis CK's case he's a comedian he went back to the comedy cellar on Sunday night five women accused him. Of sexual misconduct he admitted, to, that almost immediately Whether you accept his apology or not he has a right to make a living even Michael j. who's the brilliant comedian on. Saturday Night Live. One of their head writers said give the guy a. Break does he have to be ostracized. For the rest of his

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