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We've always had heat we've always had cold we've always had snow we've always had drought Rain we've. Always had all of. These things like this. He s like this Now because, it's happening now you forgot what it was like. When it happened before Like the floods that they call the hundred year floods those floods those kind. Of floods that were places different places in the United States and around the world but specifically in the United States where. You. Know. Every hundred two hundred and fifty years the this. Particular area, will, flood yes yeah about thirty. Years, into that one hundred fifty years we decide man, that's never gonna. Flood there again we'll build their. Start building all. Kinds of homes their Bill, businesses we'll build all kinds. Of, stuff there. We look if something starts to happen, we take care of it Nope doesn't happen I. Remember when I was a kid. The Mississippi, River used to flood all the. Time the Missouri river would flood people I mean people got flooded. All the time I remember hearing about the floods, in the midwest all the time when I when I was a kid in Michigan my grandparents lived on the Cass river and every year flood or pictures of the water coming up to the back of the house Coming up to, maybe the, back of the work shed because their their house was the second lot in from the river. And so killed come up to the house and it would just came up to the backboard steps this year came up. To. Just. The back of the garage this year and then..

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