Dairy and meat 'beneficial for heart health and longevity'


Awesome so anyway they said people who have three portions of dairy and one hundred ten twenty grams. Of unprocessed red meat okay that's the. Key I. Just had a salami and corned beef sandwich that's, called processed red meat but we're talking on processed red meat like a nice rip Rory medium rare steak So, succulent I love, steak anyway if you, had three portions of dairy. And one, twenty grams, of unprocessed Romy per day you'd better for the most they, say our findings are full fat. Dairy, and unprocessed red. Bee doo challenge conventional thinking oh yeah they do I bet there's a lot. Of scientists have their panties up a, bunch of this, one that's, quite, to, McMahon Wait the McMaster professor did say that. I added that commentary, in each, has sorry. Ed quote was our fighters unfulfilled during fusses rugby to challenge conventional thinking okay that's the. Enclose from McMaster professor Epidemiology Andrew Mente he conceded to fellow researchers at the, European, society cardiology conference in Munich Germany Okay I'll, hold off on the, commentary So those eating the most dairy and red meat saw their chances of. Early. Death fall by twenty five percent And fatal heart, attack, decreased by twenty. Two percent according to. The researchers they already accounted. For wealth education because some people said well, wait a second wait a second wealthy. People can't afford the meat. So, if, wealthy. People are eating the meat. They. Also can afford. Good health insurance they already ruled that out no no no they already dissect that out okay filter that out So they say it's protective up to the. Serving sizes that we've identified so that doesn't. Mean. Eight stakes we are seeing three dairy and one. Portion of red meat, a day or white meat dark meat don't give me, white, meat chicken chicken. Breast gimme chicken thigh. I love dark meat chicken. When I do my little Roscoe I get, Spanish rice or do the Spanish rice. Aronie and then I use. Season, find, eat. And then I dribble it. With. Cheddar cheese okay You know what guys guys I, posted my cholesterol levels on Facebook and Twitter yesterday look. Look at my levels I know what. I'm doing I was like in the one. Forties Yeah All. Right so they say relative to, carbs I would say, saturated fat is. Beneficial it's pretty clear from this data to, documentary white meats such as chicken and Turkey also carry similar. Benefits so they show the dairy, products meat meter beneficial for heart. Health of, course he also recommend you have to eat, fruits, vegetables, eight daily portions of vegetables and half portions of nuts and.

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