McConnell warns Russia not to meddle in 2018 elections


Racist planning, emergency aid for farmers affected by the trade disputes with China and other partners. The administration put tariffs on thirty four billion dollars in Chinese goods. Beijing responded with duties on soybeans and pork. Whichever hurt mid western farmers to people familiar with the plan. Say the administration would give them direct assistance and other temporary relief that comes just hours after the president, tweeted tariffs are the greatest and that trade partners either need to negotiate fair deals or get hit with duties house, speaker, Paul, Ryan's among those disagreeing with using tariffs to address trade imbalances. I just don't think the tariff route is the smart way to go and says, other lawmakers are making clear. They agree saga megani Washington, it's the issue that dogs congressional leaders wherever they go, Russia meddling in the US elections Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell with another stern warning the Russians better-equipped messing around in our elections. They did it the last time they better not do it again McConnell, commenting after President Trump said he was worried that Russians could metal. In the, midterms in order to help Democrats Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes reporting more hot. Weather's plaguing the southwest where Las Vegas Nevada could see.

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