Dancing With the Stars Alum James Hinchcliffe Is Engaged to Becky Dalton


Have been confirmed in Friday's. Thunderstorms swept across the northern and southern parts of the state. But police say, only, one person was hurt with minor injuries and congratulations to James Hinchcliffe the IndyCar driver proposing to his girlfriend. Becky Dalton recently and both posting the same. Photo to their Twitter. Accounts looking into the camera like they're both in shock. With their mouths wide open the two haven't yet. Announced, a date when they plan to walk down the, aisle together perhaps he'll be able to show off during his wedding reception all those move Moves he learned a couple years ago when he almost one dancing with the stars I'm. C. j. Miller on the level on the going on. Twitter Ninety-three WIBC and WIBC dot com it's.

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