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Untangling the Guardians of the Galaxy Firing Debacle: Political Grudges, Old Tweets and Outrage


The news with Gina, grad Disney has fired guardians of the galaxy director. James Gunn from the movie franchise. After years, old offensive. Tweets came to light, and we have a bunch of them the old tweets, which joked about topics like rape and pedophilia came to light right after right wing provocateur. Mike Cerna, veg begin posting them gun has been a very critical outspoken critic of President Trump on Sunday, guardians of the star. Dave Batista defended gun writing quote, what will you do when the cyber Nazis attack you who will stand by you? Who will cowardly distance themselves from you who will punish you for horrible jokes, all caps. Instead of defending you for inspiring millions and meanwhile change dot org.

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Untangling the Guardians of the Galaxy Firing Debacle: Political Grudges, Old Tweets and Outrage

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