100th PGA Championship this week at Bellerive


Just good morning everyone seventy, four degrees in, Chicago on her way, to, eighty two voters are. Heading to the polls in five. States today including a. Special, house election in Ohio President Trump tweeting in support of the GOP candidate there but the. Democrat is neck and neck according to recent polls ABC news White House. Chief. Correspondent Jonathan Karl this is even a competitive, race is a, major sign of trouble for Republicans Donald Trump carried. This district by double, digits it is also a district Republicans have held for decades the last Republican congressman in the last race won by more than thirty five points a win here for Democrats. Would be a, sure sign of. A Blue, Wave coming On November twelfth congressional district in Ohio Republican Troy baldur's and faces, democrat, Danny, O'Connor back here at home a search is underway for a seventy six. Year old. Rolling meadows man who. Went missing on Saturday while collecting rent on the south, side Vasudeva Kennedy. Was last seen on surveillance. Footage he was at a Bank depositing checks at sixty. Ninth and Ashland at about six fifteen Saturday academy made a, few phone calls but he hasn't been, heard from since then about a year ago relatives say, he was clubbed from behind while working at one of his. Rental properties, and his, car was stolen a. Group of good Samaritans rescued a woman from Lake Michigan over the weekend it. Happened during a boat race Saturday in northwest. Indiana fifty four year old Lisa guessing you're was pulled. Out of the pulled out from just offshore of Washington park beach in. Some high. Rip currents so that were happening on the lake over the weekend she is hot Hospitalized we're learning today in critical. Condition and those are. The headline sports is sponsored by northwestern football's Chicago's big ten team Adam angles leaping catch the wall took a three round home or away from the Yankees but did not keep them. From winning seven nothing over the White Sox ending the SOX four game winning streak of the Yankees five game losing streak this, series continues tonight Rinaldo Lopez facing CC's bath whose nineteen hundred six. All time against the socks the pre-game six thirty five first pitch tonight at seven ten on WGM how your. Bias has taken over the National League RBI lead eighty eight after he homered. And doubled homerun and cubs three, one winning Kansas, City game two of that. Series tonight cubs game and a half up on the brewers there are getting ready for the what hundredth PGA, championship some. Weather issues this morning halting practice at Bellerive country club. Near Saint Louis Louis first round is Thursday beautiful golf course beautiful view played it I have been only, once and not because there was an incident it was the only opportunity I had but I've lived in Saint. Louis couple of radiations it is the? Hottest place on. Earth it is hotter than. The sun in Saint Louis this time of year I mean. A heat, index today a billion degrees that's what I, heard that's why they had to stop play they actually. Are slowing down the greens which could it make for even lower scores because they can't. Allow them. To burn out and that'll happen if they come to shirt right right, yeah, it's that's what Dustin Johnson was talking about, yesterday said the. Greens agrees are in pretty good shape but, they, are, a little slower than you would think and Serena Williams says she has struggled with postpartum emotions since the birth of her daughter. Last week she suffered the, most lopsided defeat. Of her career.

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