Arne Duncan on 'Face the Nation,' August 5, 2018: Public education and 'big lies'


A moment with former secretary of education under President Obama Arne Duncan Get his take on what's working what's not working when. It comes to CBS his, face the nation continues now we're back with former education secretary Arne Duncan he's, the author of a new book, how schools work coming out this week Thank you for joining us The opportunity is interesting reading this because you find out more. About you personally as well I don't think a lot of people knew you played professional basketball for. Two year long time ago it was a lot of fun chance. System colors and personal, anecdotes but you also really it's not so, much about how schools work but really an indictment. Of how schools aren't working it's a very critical take in this book about the education system and you say the. Education system runs on lies what? Do you mean by that, that's tough statement to make but let me just give you. A couple of those on, we say we value education but. We never vote on, education never hold politicians accountable local state or national. Level for getting better results higher graduation rates. More people graduating from college, we say we value teachers. But we don't pay. Teachers we don't support them we don't mentor them the. Way they need, to do they're. Incredibly important tough complex work and maybe the toughest life me, market is that we say we value kids. And we've raised a generation Of young people teens who have been. Raised on mass shootings and, gun violence and that simply doesn't. Happen another nation so, I don't look at what people say I look. At their actions I look at their policies. I look at their budgets, in our values don't reflect. The we care about. Education we.

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